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The Power of Love Pocket Japamala


The power of Love Pocket Japamala

Sunstone and Pink Opal


The Power of Love Japamala – Sunstone and Pink Opal

This pocket mala was created thinking of those who have a heartache and need strength to heal their hearts.

Beads healing properties:

  • Pink ( rose ) Opal – releases fear, worries and anxiety; helps bringing calm during stressed times.

Is the bead of love, chakra Heart – love and healing

  • Sunstone – helps to release fear and with the flow of energy. Increases vitality and independence.

Chakra Solar Plexus – wisdon and power



Find out more about the Chakras and stones, and their healing properties, and also how to keep your jewelry clean, here.

The pocket mala is made with 27 beads and one guru bead.

It’s perfect for you to take your meditation anywhere.

You can use it for 27 mantras our go back and forth 4 times, to complete 108 mantras.

Every time you get to the Guru bead, you start another set of mantras in the opposite direction, never go over the Guru bead; that means a disrespect to the one who guides and protects you.

You can carry it in your pocket, purse, glove compartment, and meditate according to your time.

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