You are why we do what we do

How you helped Love You to Beads Boutique become a reality.

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“We are thrilled that everyone who uses our jewelry, knows they are getting an authentic piece worthy of a good taste individual, like you.”

Rachel Menezes – Love You to Beads Boutique Jewelry designer 

Before I created Love You to Beads Boutique, I was looking for ordinary jobs without lucky in the new town I had just moved into with my lovely son and most supportive partner I could have.

Then one day,

I was gifted a beautiful set of handmade jewelry and immediately started taking classes online and reading all books I could find about jewelry. I still didn’t have too much confidence in my pieces.

But then,

I was surprised  to see one of my projects, featuring the page of the class instructor, a renowned jewelry maker and book writer, that had nothing but compliments and kind works about it,  and made me think, ” I can really do this”.

So I started creating more and more and using all sorts or materials.

It turns out,

The road was more difficult than I imagined. It took a lot of researching and hours of work just to start a small business.

I wanted everything to be perfect,

I’ve launched my first online store and was getting few sales here and there but not enough to have me working on it full time like I wanted until I found an amazing group of people dedicated to help handmade business to take off through an amazing intensive course online that had everything I needed from beginning to end. I started applying all my knowledge from my business administration faculty to my own business and the results are being beyond incredible! 

The best part,

Website is up, new collections are selling like hot cakes, I love the feedback from my customers, that are absolutely fantastic, and the feeling of having all my hard work and years of dedication being paid off is simply amazing! I have a lot of be thankful for. And this is just the beginning.

Do it right

Once, my business professor asked the entire class a question that, for many, was intriguing, but to me was pretty clear:

“What’s the difference between doing the right thing and doing it right ?”

When you have the option to choose what to do, pick the one that feels right for you, and then, you do it right ( the right and correct way, from beginning to end). 

That became a mantra to me.

Mauro Takao Ikenami

About our jewelry

All pieces are handcrafted by yours truly, me, Rachel.

Because of the nature of our materials, some beads and stones might differ a little in color, shape and/or size. I try to handpick most of my beads and also keep the imports to the minimal. Because this is a handmade business, I might not have all the pieces stocked in large quantities, please contact me if you are looking for more than a few of the same item, sometimes it can take me a couple of weeks to receive a bulk order.