Face Mask


These masks are not intended to replace the N-95.

They are an extra barrier for when you go out, running errands or have contact with someone else.

They are made with 2 layers of 100% cotton fabric and interfacing or backing material, to work as a filter and also add support.

The nose area is reinforced using a 3″ piece of pipe cleaner

The elastic used is 1/4″ braided, that goes over the year.

Sizes are standard for kids, women and men.

Please, allow 2-3 days for production time.


Taking care of your reusable face mask

All fabrics have been previously washed to prevent shrinking.

Handwash your mask with detergent, in a sink, and let air dry.

If you have to use a washer machine, make sure to have it set to a delicate cycle, to extend the life of it.

You can also leave it in the sun for few hours after wearing it.

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Choose your Fabric Design

All fabrics are available at the moment at limited quantity

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