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Meditation is a practice where a technique is used to achieve mentally clear and emotionally calm state.








-well being


-self esteem

Meditating with a purpose:

There are many methods used on meditation and one of them is the Chakra meditation.

Some ancient religions have a tradition of use prayer beads; the Hindu japa-mala has 108 beads and each bead is a mantra.

All japa-malas are made out of either stone/crystal beads and/or seeds (making them a light weight necklace or bracelet), and each stone has a different meaning and purpose.

Understand the Chakras:

Chakras are wheels of energy.

There are 7 main chakras in our bodies;:

Root or First Chakra – is the chakra of stability, security and basic needs.

Sacral or Second Chakra  is the chakra of creativity and sexuality.

Solar or Third Chakra – is the Chakra of our personal power.

Heart or Fourth Chakra – is the Chakra of love and connection; is the bridge between the matter and spirit.

Throat or Fifth Chakra – is the Chakra of our inner voice, expression and highest truth.

Third Eye or Sixth Chakra – is the Chakra of intuition.

 – Crown or Seventh Chakra – is the Chakra of enlightnment  and spiritual connection with ourselves, others and to the Divine.

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