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The Words of Wisdom Japamala


The perfect piece to express yourself.


If you are looking for a way to express yourself with words of wisdom, this mala necklace has the healing stones that can help with it.

The gorgeous Blue lace banded striped agate beads is an eye catcher.  This Japamala is the perfect combination of a beautiful shade of blue and white from the Sea Opal and brown of sandalwood.

With 108 beads, all hand-knotted with gray nylon thread and finished with a silk tassel.

Healing properties: 

This Japamala with help  with your communication skills, and give you self esteem.

The banded blue agate beads are known for clearing the Throat chakra, bringing clarity to problems and helping with to express yourself, creatively and opening your voice.

When making this Japamala, we had in mind to create good vibrations.

Sea Opal beads are related to the Crown chakra and it gives your mind clarity and and courage; it also helps to calm the body and heals inflammations.

During your meditation, keep your mala close to the chakra you are working with.

Sandawood beads were added to promote relaxation.

If you want  to find out more about the properties of healing stones, please click here.

The Process

The Process

We use 8mm beads in most of our Japamalas and Nylon cord which is really strong and durable so you can wear it as a piece of jewelry.
The Tassels are made out of silk thread and contain 54 loops or more.
There are many different mala patterns; with or without markers, choose the one that best fits your meditation.
When adding a new bead, a new intention is put into the mala, a mantra is said and by the end, all knots are done following a specific pattern keeping in mind that the person to wear it, will have good thoughts in it.

For all Custom requests, please click here.


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