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The Purple Talisman Mala Necklace



A Purple Agate is a talisman used when there is a desire to transform a part of their lives to a better state; The Talisman mala necklace has the perfect combination of beads to ensure to give you the confidence and balance you need, to face all the changes without losing your balance and focus. This is a Japamala for the 7th chakra, the Crown.

The Healing features:

The White Quartzite encourages your body to slow down and work on your own pace to adapt to all new things and transformations you are going through. It helps stabilize the brain waves and gives you perspective. Purple is the color of intuition, dreams and luxury; inspiring us to great accomplishments. Carrying a purple agate helps to restore the balance in your spirit energy of the crown chakra. Rosewood carries a delightful fragrance and helps with relaxation. If you want to find out more about stones, click here.  

The Process

We use 8mm beads in most of our Japamalas and Nylon cord which is really strong and durable so you can wear it as a piece of jewelry.

The Tassels are made out of silk thread and contain 54 loops or more.

There are many different mala patterns; with or without markers, choose the one that best fits your meditation.

When adding a new bead, a new intention is put into the mala, a mantra is said and by the end, all knots are done following a specific pattern keeping in mind that the person to wear it, will have good thoughts in it.

For a Custom Request, please click here.

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