• leaf drop earrings
  • turquoise leaf drop
  • turquoise and silver leaf drop
  • turquoise and gold leaf drop
  • turquoise and copper leaf drop
  • silver tear drop
  • silver tear drop
  • silver and copper tear drop
  • silver and gold tear drop
  • silver and gold tear drop
  • silver and copper tear drop
  • tear drop earrings
  • tear drop

Leaf Drop Leather Earrings


Hand Painted Leather Leaf Drop Earrings


Hand painted Leaf Drop earrings in leather

These earrings are cut and painted in an artisan way from the beginning to end.

Using a high quality Veg tan leather, all pieces are painted individually.

Choose your color:





Choose your shape:

Tear drop

Ruffle drop


*When selecting your color on drop menu, please be aware that the first color is the TOP color.

If you have any special request, please contact me here.


Additional information


copper gold, copper silver, gold copper, gold silver, silver copper, silver gold, turquoise copper, turquoise gold, turquoise silver


leaf drop, tear drop

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